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Amalfi Coast Hiking Trails


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Hiking the Spectacular Trails Along Italy’s Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast in southern Italy is renowned for its dramatic beauty, picturesque villages, ancient history, and luxurious resorts. Stretching along the southern side of the Sorrentine Peninsula, this UNESCO World Heritage Site offers some of the most stunning scenery in Europe. One of the best ways to experience the magic of the Amalfi Coast is by hiking its extensive network of scenic trails. Let’s explore some of the top hiking routes along this magnificent Mediterranean coastline.

🌄 Amalfi Coast Hiking Trails 🇮🇹

The Amalfi Coast offers breathtaking hiking trails, showcasing stunning landscapes, ancient history, and more. Let’s explore the top takeaways visually:

Overview of Hiking Trails

🏞️ Variety of TrailsOver a dozen trails of different lengths and difficulties.
🏞️ Scenic RoutesTrails wind through seaside cliffs, lemon groves, and more.
🏰 Popular RoutesNotable options include Path of the Gods and Valley of the Mills.
🌞 Ideal SeasonsBest time to hike: spring and fall.
☀️ Summer ConsiderationsBeware of intense summer heat.

Getting There and Getting Around

🚗 AccessLocated on the Sorrentine Peninsula, near Naples, Italy.
🚆 Transportation OptionsChoose between driving or taking a train from Naples.
🚌 Local TransportPublic buses and taxis provide transport within towns.

Top Hiking Trails on the Amalfi Coast

🌅 Path of the Gods4-7 hoursBomerano to NocelleDramatic sea cliffs, terraced valleys, and more.
🏞️ Valley of the Mills4 hoursAmalfi to Valle dei MuliniLush vegetation, medieval mill ruins, and more.
🚶 Walk of the Gods1.5-3 hoursPraiano to PositanoScenic cliffs, tiny villages, and Li Galli islands.
🌊 Ravello to Atrani2 hoursRavello to AtraniLemon groves, vineyards, and Atrani’s beach.
🏞️ Furore to Conca dei4 hoursFurore to Conca dei MariniIconic Fiordo di Furore fjord and secluded coves.

What to Expect When Hiking

🌊 Breathtaking ViewsEnjoy stunning sea cliffs, colorful villages, and more.
🏰 Rich HistoryTraverse ancient hamlets and explore medieval ruins.
🌄 Thrilling HeightsExperience steep cliffs with breathtaking views.
🥾 Uneven TerrainBe prepared for uneven steps and challenging terrain.
☀️ Summer HeatStay hydrated and protect yourself from the intense sun.

Tips for Hiking the Amalfi Coast Trails

🌄 Start EarlyBeat the summer heat by starting your hike early.
👞 Wear Sturdy ShoesEnsure good traction and ankle support with proper footwear.
💧 Stay HydratedPack water and snacks to keep energized.
🚌 Check Bus SchedulesPlan your return trip; bus service can be limited on Sundays.
🌍 Consider a Local GuideGain local expertise for a more enriching experience.
📷 Capture the ViewsTake time to rest and photograph the stunning scenery.
🏊‍♂️ End with a Refreshing SwimCool off in the sea after your hike.

Combining Hiking with Relaxation

🍽️ Enjoy Cliffside DiningSavor long lunches at restaurants with panoramic views.
🏊‍♂️ Swim in Peaceful CovesTake a dip in tranquil coves or beaches along the trails.
🌸 Indulge in Spa TreatmentsTreat yourself to massages or spa treatments post-hike.
🏘️ Stay in Scenic Coastal TownsSpend your nights in picturesque coastal towns.
🍷 Savor Local DelightsRelish local wine and cuisine after your outdoor adventures.

Most trails can be hiked in partial sections or combined for longer treks. The best times to hike are spring and fall when temperatures are mild. Summer’s heat can be intense.

Getting There and Getting Around

The Amalfi Coast extends along the southern side of the Sorrentine Peninsula in the Campania region of Italy. The nearest major city is Naples. From Naples, you can drive around 1.5-2 hours on coastal roads or take the train. Many hikers base themselves in towns like Amalfi, Positano, or Salerno and take public buses to trailheads.

Once on the Amalfi Coast, the frequent SITA buses provide the main transport between towns, as well as access points for trails. For example, bus stops at Bomerano, Nocelle, Scala, Ravello, Atrani, and other towns offer trail access. Taxis are also available.

Top Hiking Trails on the Amalfi Coast

Here is more detail on some of the top hiking trails on the Amalfi Coast:

Path of the Gods

Length: 4-7 hours

Location: Bomerano to Nocelle

Of all the Amalfi Coast trails, the Path of the Gods is the most famous – and with good reason. This breathtaking trek along precipitous sea cliffs connects the villages of Bomerano and Nocelle, offering nonstop dramatic views. The trail runs high above the sea through terraced valleys and forests, passing tiny hamlets and 15th-century chapels along the way. Highlights include the tiny village of Crapolla and views of the Li Galli islands. There are some steep steps but no major climbs.

Valley of the Mills Trail

Length: 4 hours

Location: Amalfi to Valle dei Mulini

This moderate hike starts from Amalfi’s Piazza Duomo, winding uphill through lush vegetation and crossing bubbling streams. It reaches the ruins of Amalfi’s earliest paper mills in the Valle dei Mulini, or Valley of the Mills. Surrounded by rich nature and waterfalls, these medieval mill ruins are fascinating to explore. The trail loops back down to Amalfi, with the option to detour to the village of Pontone.

Walk of the Gods

Length: 1.5-3 hours

Location: Praiano to Positano

For those short on time, the Walk of the Gods offers a condensed version of the Path of the Gods between Praiano and Positano. This easier trail covers the most scenic stretch along the cliffs, taking 1.5-3 hours one-way. Highlights are the tiny village of Laurito and the dramatic views of Positano and the Li Galli islands. The Walk of the Gods offers all the jaw-dropping scenery without the longer time commitment.

Ravello to Atrani Coastal Trail

Length: 2 hours

Location: Ravello to Atrani

This beautiful trail descends from the hilltop town of Ravello down to the coastal village of Atrani, providing phenomenal vistas along the way. Passing through terraced lemon groves and vineyards, it offers great views of the sea and Atrani’s beach nestled between the cliffs. The trail’s numerous stone steps take about 2 hours to descend to Atrani, where you can relax and swim before catching the bus back up to Ravello.

Furore to Conca dei Marini Trail

Length: 4 hours

Location: Furore to Conca dei Marini

For experienced hikers, this coastal trail offers a more strenuous Amalfi Coast hike with greater solitude. The trail connects the quiet towns of Furore and Conca dei Marini, passing by Furore’s iconic fjord and several secluded coves. Sections are steep with uneven steps but rewards include swimming spots and a more peaceful experience away from crowds.

What to Expect When Hiking the Amalfi Coast

Incredible Coastal Scenery

Without a doubt, the number one highlight of hiking the Amalfi Coast is the unparalleled scenery. These trails showcase the very best of the coastline, with nonstop views of steep sea cliffs, colorful villages, terraced lemon groves, Mediterranean vegetation, and the sparkling blue sea. The vistas around every turn are simply spellbinding.

Ancient Villages and Ruins

In addition to natural beauty, the trails pass through ancient villages and ruins that offer a window into history. You’ll traverse quiet hamlets like Laurito and Pontone, where time seems to stand still. The ruins of mills, watchtowers, and churches also dot the trails, like the medieval paper mills in the Valle dei Mulini.

Sheer Drops and Dizzying Heights

Hikers should be prepared for the sheer vertical drops that characterize these seaside trails. With minimal railings and steep cliffs plunging hundreds of feet down to the sea, the paths demand caution and sure footing. The dizzying heights thrill avid hikers but aren’t for anyone fearful of heights.

Lots of Steps and Uneven Terrain

Most trails involve significant elevation changes, so get ready for many uphill and downhill steps. The steps themselves are often uneven and made of stone, requiring concentration. Wear sturdy hiking shoes with good traction. Trekking poles can provide helpful stability.

Potential for Summer Heat

While spring and fall offer ideal weather, summer heat can be intense. Temperatures soar well into the 80s and 90s Fahrenheit, with blazing sun. Start early to avoid midday heat. Bring plenty of water, sun protection, and breaks to cool off. The winter months can also bring rain and slippery conditions.

Tips for Hiking the Amalfi Coast Trails

To make the most of your Amalfi Coast hike, keep these tips in mind:

  • Get an early start to beat the heat on summer hikes.
  • Wear sturdy hiking shoes for traction and ankle support.
  • Pack plenty of water and snacks to stay fueled.
  • Bring sun protection – hat, sunglasses, sunscreen.
  • Allow time to rest and take photos of the stunning scenery.
  • Check bus schedules for your return trip – service is limited on Sundays.
  • Consider hiring a guide if you want local expertise on trails.
  • Walk at a comfortable pace and don’t be afraid to stop and soak in the views.
  • End your hike with a refreshing swim and some local seafood.

Combining Hiking with Relaxation

One of the joys of hiking the Amalfi Coast is punctuating the physical exertion with relaxation. Here are some ideas:

  • Stop for a long lunch at a cliffside restaurant with panoramic views.
  • Go for a swim at one of the peaceful coves or beaches you pass along the trails.
  • Treat yourself to a massage or spa treatment after a hike.
  • Spend the night in a scenic coastal town like Ravello or Positano.
  • Unwind with a glass of local wine like Falanghina or Fiano at a seaside cafe.
  • Cap off your day with a delicious meal of seafood pasta or pizza.

The hiking trails of the Amalfi Coast offer the perfect blend of nature, exercise, and indulgence. Take time to savor both the physical and leisurely pleasures this magical destination has to offer.


With its plunging cliffs, colorful villages, ancient ruins, and endless sea vistas, the Amalfi Coast offers some of the most spectacular hiking trails in the world. While the routes can be strenuous, they reward hikers with breathtaking scenery around every turn. Beyond the natural beauty, the trails provide a connection to the region’s long history and culture. Hiking the Amalfi Coast trails is an unforgettable experience, whether you opt for the famous Path of the Gods or lesser-known routes. Combined with the local food, wine, and villages, these trails provide the quintessential Italian adventure.


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